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Risk and Opportunity

Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment for Glasgow City Region

Risk & Opportunity Report


Glasgow City Region’s first Climate Change Risk and Opportunity Assessment sets out the risks and opportunities posed by climate change to the end of this century, and highlights areas where more action is needed in the next five years. The findings and recommendations in the assessment will be used to guide the development of the first Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for the Glasgow City Region.

The assessment was created by reviewing over 100 documents and speaking to a wide range of stakeholders on the current and future impacts of climate change throughout the city region.

This website is designed to help you navigate through the range of information that has been produced, including a key findings report, overview presentation, and interactive index.

You can also find further detail about how we undertook the assessment, and download the set of resources to gain a greater to understanding of our findings.


Interactive Report

Navigate to relevant sections of the assessment based on particular climate hazards, risks to different sectors, and the kinds of action we need to take over the next five years.


Key Themes



A resilient, efficient and well-maintained system of interconnected infrastructure networks is key to the functioning of Glasgow City Region. Infrastructure that is resilient to current and future climate risks will ensure that the city region will continue…


built environment

The built environment shapes the way we live and work in the Glasgow City Region. It encompasses where we live and where we do business. It embodies our past, whether that be from significant events, or individuals such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh…



Our health and society are the very foundation of our way of life in Glasgow City Region. They frame people’s life experiences both positively and negatively. These experiences are not uniform - our diverse communities have different priorities, challenges and areas of need for action…



Glasgow City Region contains a wide variety of landscapes, habitats and ecosystems within its boundaries. This natural environment contributes to the wellbeing and prosperity of the region, but is already under pressure from human activity…



Glasgow City Region is the powerhouse of the Scottish economy, driving prosperity for a third of Scotland’s population. Our economy is undergoing a transformation, shifting focus from pure economic growth to building an economy that works for everyone…


international risks and cross cutting

Alongside direct risks to the city region from climate change, there are also a range of broader factors which affect Glasgow City Region’s overall exposure and vulnerability, and its ability to respond positively to the challenge…